Insights from Liora

  • The Making of Photoshop Brushes

    Everyday objects can be the inspiration for fabulous photoshop brushes. Here's what I found on the floor after we finished up on some whitewas...
  • What are Dynamic Brushes?

    Dynamic Brushes are made in the Photoshop brush palette. They are fun to use and give you endless creative options. Traditional photoshop brushes a...
  • Spring is here!

    Download your FREE photoshop brushes of flowers for your spring decorating.
  • Toolkit full of sparkles

    Ever feel the need to make your picture that much more sparkly? Two sizes of bright sparkles to make your image shine out.

  • Inky heart brushes

    Ink-laden heart shapes that were painted with a thick brush and plenty of ink for a quick and spontanteous look.