Creating Retro Painted Flowers in Photoshop

The growth of the graphic design industry is driven by the needs of consumers, manufacturers, and advertisers. Given that its primary role is to deliver visual concepts for magazines, brochures, and advertising solutions to businesses in all verticals, the graphic design market is quite huge.

During the last five years, the global per capita income has increased, followed by an increase in consumer spending, which led to corporations spending more cash on brochures and advertisements. This is why the global graphic design industry grew by 3%, generating a revenue of $46 billion. The revenue projections look bright for this vertical. In the US alone, this sector is expected to amount to $11.5 billion by 2022.

Since digital design services, including retro paints in Photoshop design, are the fastest growing sub-sector of the global graphic design industry, we decided to provide you with quite a specific guide and help you do some designing internally.

Here is how to master photoshop brushes for painting flowers and create engaging retro paints in Photoshop. 

How to Create Retro Painted Flowers in Photoshop

Step 1 - Create a New Document

Before you can start creating retro paints in Photoshop, you have to create a new document. Click on File > New, and next create a new document with 600px height and 600px width.

Step 2 - Create Photoshop Brushes for Painting Flowers

Now you need to create photoshop brushes for painting flowers. You will need to create two distinctive brushes to draw the flower petals with ease. Don’t worry; it is a straightforward process once you know you start doing it.

We will be using the Ellipse Tool to create these two new brushes.

“Flower Brush 1” - For the first brush, you want to click on the Ellipse Tools and use it to draw an oval shape, make sure that it is long and thin. You can fill it with a beautiful retro color. To do this, access the Color Palette and set the tone to R=34, G=30, and B=31.

Select the ellipse you drew and painted and move it over to the Brush Panel. This will open up a window. Click on “New Art Brush.” Click OK, and proceed to the next window. Here you want to click on Colorization Method Tints. Make sure that the width is set at 100%. Double check the “Direction” value and make sure that it is set from left to right. Now, name your new brush, we went with “Flower Brush 1”.

“Flower Brush 2” - For the second Brush, you want to use the Ellipse Tool, only now you should draw a long oval shape but several times thicker than the one in the previous step. Use the same color setting to fill it. Press Shift + C on your keyboard to activate the Convert Anchor Point Tool. Click on both the left and right anchor points of your new shape and drag it to the Brush panel. Follow the procedure from the previous step and save this brush as “Flower Brush 2”.


Step 3 - Draw The Flowers

Creating retro paints in Photoshop is easy once you have created custom brushes. You can use them now to draw petals of the flowers. Make sure to delete the fill colors when using your custom brushes and replace them with the stroke color.

Use “Flower Brush 1” to draw the first four petals. After you delete the fill color, you should set the stroke at R=231 G=111 B=95 and set its weight to 5 px. Now draw two leaves. Add two new petals but make sure to make the color a bit lighter R=244 G=140 B=120. Finally, add some shadow. Make the color darker again, set the weight to 3px and draw shapes inside two larger petals.

You can use “Flower Brush 1” to create the center part of the flower. Set the weight back to 5px and choose a yellow color. Carefully draw the center part of the flower and add two additional petals. Use the color - R=248 G=169 B=142. To draw the highlight on the petals, you should use a lighter color, R=250 G=193 B=172. Now you have a flower which you can rotate and place as you please.

Let’s, draw another flower, this time from the bird view. You are still going to use “Flower Brush 1”. The weight should be 5px and the color pink, R=248 G=169 B=142. Draw the entire flower from the top view. You can add shadows easily by setting the stroke to 2 px and the color to R=231 G=111 B=95. Draw the center with the Eyedropper Tool. Make sure to use the same yellow color as in the previous drawing. Group each flower - Select it > Right-click > Group. You can name groups for your convenience - Flower 1 and Flower 2.

Step 4 - Draw Brown and Green Twigs

Your flowers should not just hang in the air; you need to draw some twigs. Retro brownish and green twigs are natural to create.

Brown twig - Use brush one to draw the twig stem. Set the weight to 0.5px and the color to R=154 G=65 B=34. Pick up the “Flower Brush 2”, set the weight to 0.75px and the color to R=205 G=98 B=51.

Green Twig - Use “Flower Brush 1” to draw the steam for the green twig. The stroke weight should be at 1 px, and the color set to R=131 G=113 B=37 (use this setting to draw side stems and connect the leaves with the central stem). Change the color to R=184 G=160 B=59 and the stroke weight to 4px for the leaves.

Group each twig - Select it > Right-click > Group. You can name groups for convenience - Brown Twig and Green Twig.

Step 5 - Draw Rose Hips

Use “Flower Brush 1” with the stroke weight of 0.5px and the color R=86 G=26 B=10 to draw little rose hip twigs. Add a berry to the end of each twig - with the same brush only this time with the weight set at 5 px and the color set to R=157 G=17 B=20.  Create a group - Rose Hips.

Step 6 - Combine Flowers, Twigs and Hips

Now you have five groups of drawings to play with - Flower 1, Flower 2, Brown and Green Twig, and Rose Hips. Combine these elements to create artificial flower themed retro paints in Photoshop.

The Importance Of Partnering With A Professional Design Company

As you can see, creating even simple retro paints in Photoshop requires a significant amount of time and skill. This is why many companies decide to partner with a professional design company. On top of that, it is essential to make sure that the graphic design output is scalable and can be used across the entire marketing and promotional landscape. Professional design companies use vector graphics to enable this scalability.

Here at Smart Photo Editors, a dependable graphic design company, we do not only use vector graphics software to deliver exceptional graphic design services but also ensure to employ only professional and experienced graphic designers.

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