The Making of Photoshop Brushes

paint photoshop brushes

Everyday objects can be the inspiration for fabulous photoshop brushes. Here's what I found on the floor after we finished up on some whitewashing in our home.

I took a few photos of different closeups of the paint on the board and, so you can see how I make my brushes. 

 The next step is to open the photos in Photoshop. In Levels, I set the black point to the right of its place on the histogram. This makes a clear contrast between the background and the paint marks.

Once I'm happy with the contrast, I invert the image so the background is white. I zoom in to the imageand delete paint marks around the edges of the canvas so nothing is cut off at the edges. 


Now for the fun part:  Edit > "Define Brush Preset" > name and save the brush!


The new brush appears at the bottom of the Brushes Palette. I repeated this with all the photos and ended up with a set of 10 huge brushes (3000 - 4000px) that give fantastic, spontaneous paint splashes and smears.



 To make these brushes yours, get the whole collection now!





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