What are Dynamic Brushes?

Dynamic Brushes are made in the Photoshop brush palette. They are fun to use and give you endless creative options.

Traditional photoshop brushes are often called Stamp Brushes because they are applied as a brush tip. Stamp Brushes are very useful and there are hundreds of brush sets here on Dynamic Brushes. However, Stamp Brushes have their limitations. When a Stamp Brush is used as a line, it creates a monotonous pattern that looks computer-generated, such as the square Stamp Brush, below.

But when a square brush is made dynamic, it can create very different painting effects. In the example below, all 5 brushstrokes were made from a square brush tip.

Dynamic Brushes are beautiful, effortless to use, and save you time.
The Photoshop Brushes Palette opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you to program the behavior of your brushes to create an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, textures, colors, angles and scattering with just one brush, and one foreground colour. Once a Stamp Brush has received these configurations, it becomes a Dynamic Brush. If you use a graphics pen and tablet, it will give you the ultimate in pressure-sensitive expression and precision. 

Here are some examples of the exciting effects that you can get using Dynamic Brushes:


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